Membership Admission

1. Membership is currently free to all CSOs until otherwise decided upon by the General Assembly, especially national Civil Society Organisations.

2. Every application for membership shall be made to the Chairperson of the SUN Alliance. Each application shall include:

    • * The name, postal address and geographical location of the applying civil society and the address of its registered office

    • * A signed declaration that the applicant agrees to be bound by the Memorandum and Statutes establishing the Alliance.

    • * The payment of the requisite application or membership fee as determined by the General Assembly from time to time.

3. Every application for SUN Alliance membership shall include, in addition to the other requirements, a full statement of the circumstances on which the applicant claims eligibility for membership.

4. On submission of an application for membership, the Chairperson shall proceed to accept or reject the application in writing to the applicant in consultation with the Board of Directors. The meeting of such with the Board of Directors to decide on the application from a CSO shall be recorded and filed with the Applicant’s file.

5. When an application has been considered by the Board of Directors in accordance with Article 6 of the Statutes, the Chairperson shall, without delay, send notice of the result thereof to the applicant in writing.


Future Plans

The Alliance will continue to inspire and engage its members to transform lives by coordinating nutrition interventions across the country and among its members. SUN Alliance’s strengths lie in its ability to be a powerful collective force of CSOs to scale up nutrition in every sense.

Representatives from SUN Alliance member organizations attend the Learning Route  

Through this approach, the Alliance will continue to galvanise the political commitment about the importance of nutrition and ensure that it remains a political priority. This will be accompanied with intensified advocacy over time for multi-sectoral coordination backed by increased financing.

The Alliance will also keep its momentum of accumulating knowledge sharing, tracking of results of its members, mobilizing of resources and experience building among its CSOs to scale up nutrition. This will help guide us to achieve the umbrellas’ ultimate goal of eradicating malnutrition in all its forms.

The Alliance will further continue to piggyback on the high level political commitment in eliminating malnutrition paving way for strengthened multi-sectoral action.


SUN Alliance applauds the government of Rwanda for recognizing the importance of investing in our children at the start of their lives; and particularly in nutrition, which not only plays a fundamental role in helping children realize their full potential, but also key to the economic growth and development. Investing in nutrition and ensuring a strong multi-sectoral coordination are one of the smartest economic decisions Rwanda can make. Good nutrition enables children to develop healthy immune systems, reducing future spending on healthcare throughout their lives. It unlocks the population’s potential.

Thus, tackling undernutrition effectively is a team effort across health, education, agriculture and, of course, finance. We can achieve more with greater coordination but we will need strong CSO leadership, nutrition champions and continued political commitment if we are to reach everyone.

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