What we do

SUN Alliance works towards improving nutrition in all its forms and treats its interventions and those of its members as a vehicle for translating policy into action and results. Through our actions and those of our members, we are able to reach consensus on how actions from relevant policies and plans or sectors can address the underlying causes of malnutrition.

The Alliance also plays an active and critical role in Social Mobilization, Advocacy and Communication (SMAC) within CSOs and academia across the country.  Thus, the Alliance’s essential components are as follows:

* Coordinate and enhance member efforts in implementing nutrition activities

* Build strong accountability and transparency systems with member organisations to improve nutrtion

* Strengthen CSOs’ capacities for improved nutrition programming, planning, monitoring and performance

* Strengthen Social Mobilisation, Advocacy and communication (SMAC) around nutrition

* Asses and analyse financial investments of our members vis-a-vie impact envisioned or ccreated.

* Mobilize resources for enhanced coordination, partnership and synergies among SUN Alliance members and other stakeholders for sustainable and equitable reduction of malnutrition

* Strengthen engagement with other actors for broader influence

* Report and track results, by reflecting member CSO contribution and achievements in our internal systems

* Conduct research to inform nutrition policy design and implementation


Areas of Keen Interest

Given the multidimensional nature of malnutrition, the causes of malnutrition vary in space, time and according to households’ livelihoods and social, economic and cultural characteristics.

Thus, fighting malnutrition requires the adoption of approaches that combine short- and long-term actions, and fostering of linkages between nutrition specific and sensitive aspects interventions. This is because nutrition-sensitive interventions such as in agriculture have the potential to affect both the underlying and basic determinants of malnutrition, as well as improve food security and reduce the incidence of poverty

It is on this basis that the Alliance membership is made up of a number of Non- Government Organizations intervening in both nutrition specific and sensitive interventions.


Our Partners

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