Education Advocacy and Social Mobilization

SUN Alliance Rwanda strengthens the coordination between nutrition actors through tracking results and aligning strategies, programs and resources of its members with country plans to eliminate all forms of Malnutrition. This has been possible due to intensive education, advocacy and social mobilization platforms.


Scaling Up Nutrition interventions in Rwanda requires the importance of social mobilization, advocacy and communication (SMAC) to coordinate efforts on the part of a wide spectrum of within Civil Society Organizations dealing in nutrition, ministries that support agriculture, health, social protection, water, sanitation and hygiene, gender and education, research and academia.

 This has significantly accelerated activities for elimination of malnutrition in all its forms to be effectively implemented across the country in all forms such as:


  1. Bringing people together to work effectively through functioning multi-sector, multi-stakeholder platforms;

  2. Putting policies and laws in place to establish a coherent policy and legal framework;

  3. implementing and aligning programs with common objectives and an agreed framework for results;

  4. Mobilizing resources from domestic sources supplemented by external assistance based on country specific malnutrition interventions.

  5. Raising awareness about a nutritional intervention need, build public and political will, set priorities and improve policies to leverage nutrition outcomes from actions taken across sectors and stakeholders.

  6. Engaging a broad range of civil society organizations and government so that they become involved in driving change, by creating the demand for better policies, services and accountability.

  7. Catalyzing engagement at the district level. Since Rwanda takes a decentralized approach to malnutrition through emphasizing District Plans to Eliminate Malnutrition (DPEMs), SUN Alliance established District SUN Committees as a strategy to scale up nutrition around the country.

    This approach has enabled SUN Alliance to raise awareness about the vital importance of nutrition as a universal move; one that is integral to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and to have a World without hunger and malnutrition.

    This implies therefore, that the potential impacts of education, advocacy and social mobilization on health and nutrition extend across a number of sectors.  Thus, due this central role, SUN Alliance Rwanda is focused on its intensive coordination, Social Mobilization, advocacy and Communication (SMAC), and tracking of results of its members in the sector for future planning

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