Food Fortification

While implementing national food fortification programs, SUN Alliance Rwanda strengthens the coordination between nutrition actors focusing on food fortification interventions, through tracking results and aligning strategies, programs and resources of its members with country plans to eliminate all forms of Malnutrition. 

On July 3, 2013, the Rwandan Ministry of Trade and Industry officially approved the nation’s fortification standards for maize flour, wheat flour, cooking oil, sugar, and salt making them mandatory throughout the country. This gives SUN Alliance Rwanda an opportunity to play a major role in advancing the need for highly nutrient food consumption through advocacy and communication


We recommend that all designated staple food products produced in Rwanda and imported into Rwanda contain accurate amounts of key nutrients at levels that have been harmonized with the East Africa region.

Since establishment, SUN Alliance has over the years been advocating for and communicating with Civil Society organizations and other nutrition actors implementing food fortification programs to; 

  1. Incorporate food fortification objectives in the design of agricultural policies, strategies and programs, showing a pathway on how food fortification contributes to improved nutrition.

  2. Accelerate funding for food fortification initiatives that are rich in nutrients and strengthen the implementation capacity of actors in food fortification.

  3. Tackle limited access to fortified food by children under 5 and women especially in rural areas where there is prevalence of a considerably higher rates of malnutrition compared to urban areas.

  4. Ensure that efforts to improve dietary practices through consumption of fortified food become a standard part of food security-oriented agricultural programs.

This implies therefore, that consuming fortified food largely contributes to one’s nutrition which strongly improves health and eliminates malnutrition.  Thus, due to the central role of food fortification on reducing malnutrition, SUN Alliance Rwanda is focused on its intensive coordination, Social Mobilization, advocacy and Communication (SMAC), and tracking of results of its members in the sector for future planning. 

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