Principles of engagement

Results Based Accountability

We take action that communities can use to improve their lives as a whole. We use data in our decision-making processes to help communities and organizations get beyond talking about problems to taking action in solving them. Improving decision making with reliable data at arm's reach, establish clear leadership accountabilities and strategically formulate terms to eliminate malnutrition.

All inclusive

The SUN Alliance is open to all stakeholders that demonstrate integrity and commitment to its goals and principles.

Long Term Commitment

Committed to eliminate Malnutrition until no Rwandan Child is malnourished. By committing to this, we learn and adapt through regular sharing of relevant lessons on what works and what does not, across countries, sectors and stakeholders to improve nutrition both sensitive and specific.


The Alliance strives for consistent improvement and creativity for better solutions and results, setting clear direction by aligning results-driven goals to key government policies and strategies.


We are honest and transparent in our dealings.  We are committed to objectively assess our results and manage personal and institutional conflicts of interest with integrity

Our Partners

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