Learning Route Rwanda 2016

Monday 1st November 2016, Serena Hotel – The first Learning Route for Scaling Up Nutrition Civil Society Alliances in Africa was launched at Serena Hotel in Kigali. Hosted by SUN Alliance Rwanda with support from SUN Civil Society Network and PROCASUR Corporation, the event which runs till the 5th November, was given its full support by both Ministers of Health and Local Government as a worthy initiative to capacitate civil society in contributing to the fight against malnutrition. Addressing over 150 stakeholders from government, civil society, UN Agencies, donors, media and delegates from 8 African countries from Nigeria, Sierra Leone, Ethiopia, Malawi, Tanzania, Zimbabwe, Kenya and Uganda, Hon Minister Diane Gashumba thanked SUN Alliance Rwanda for bringing this innovative learning approach to Rwanda. Acknowledging strides made in addressing malnutrition where exclusive breastfeeding rates have increased to 87.3 percent and wasting rates reduced to 2.2 percent, Mdm. Gashumba stated that much needed to be done to reduce stunting rates in children under five currently at 38 percent. She assured continued political commitment as the government works towards tackling poor nutrition and urged for stronger coordination in galvanizing various stakeholders to contribute to improving nutrition through multisectoral partnership.

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